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Car wash finally pays more than $3K for damage to Phoenix woman’s car – AZFamily

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) — Going through a car wash is pretty routine f…….

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) — Going through a car wash is pretty routine for most drivers. However, a recent visit to a Phoenix car wash called Quick Quack turned into a two-month saga for Thalia Flores.

Quick Quack Car Wash in Phoenix.

“One of the machines was just going really fast, and that’s when one of the machines started breaking my windshield from inside,” Flores told 3 On Your Side.

As soon as Flores came out of the wash tunnel, she took a video with her cell phone showing her shattered windshield. She also alerted the car wash’s manager, who documented the mishap with an incident report. But it wasn’t just the windshield that was damaged. Flores’s car also had chipped paint and small, systematic dents that stretched from her front hood and continued all the way to the trunk, all caused by that broken wash brush.

Now, the good news is the car wash repaired Flores’s windshield and also gave her a rental car. But that rental car is long gone, and the damage to her car was never fixed — and it’s been two whole months. Flores got three estimates to repair her dented car, but after turning them over to Quick Quack’s manager, she claims communication has gone silent over the past two months.

“I think they think, ‘Oh, this is just a little girl. Just keep filling her head with lies, and she’ll stop bothering us,” Flores said.

3 On Your Side got involved, and after being unable to reach Quick Quack over the phone, I went to the car wash itself and discovered we weren’t allowed inside. So, we talked to the only employee who was outside and asked for help. “I’m Gary Harper with 3 On Your Side. Is there anyone I can talk to management-wise?”

A Quick Quack manager eventually called me back, saying he had a $3,500 check that Flores could pick up and that he always intended to give it to her, even though it’s been two months. And with that, Flores says she was finally able to pick up her money. “If it wasn’t for 3 On Your Side, I don’t think I ever would have got my money. So, thanks for helping out,” Flores said.

Phoenix woman’s car damaged by car wash.

A spokesperson for the company says an employee apparently left a hose in the tunnel, which caused the damage. As a result, the company is going over safety measures to make sure something like this does not happen again. Quick Quack’s statement regarding the matter is below:

“When going through the wash, the customer’s vehicle was damaged because our team left a hose in the showroom. We are covering the costs for repairs and the cost of the rental car expenses. We understand her concern about the time it has taken for a resolution but want to ensure that we are doing everything we can to take care of this customer. We are working with our team to reinforce safety protocols are being followed to avoid incidents like this in the future so we can uphold our vision of being Fast. Clean. Loved…Everywhere!”

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