City of Hattiesburg to adopt new flood panels, upgraded flood ordinance –

Based mostly on ideas handed down from the Federal Emergency Administration Agency, officers from Th…….

Based mostly on ideas handed down from the Federal Emergency Administration Agency, officers from The metropolis of Hattiesburg will quickly be required to undertake new flood panels and an upgraded flood ordinance that mirror modifications in state course of.

The mannequin new measures, which Want to be accredited by Hattiesburg City Council members by Sept. 19, will see some spaces Faraway from The curlease flood zone, the placeas completely diffelease spaces Shall be added to that designation. The matter was Delivered to a current council work session by Ginger Lowrey, who serves as planning division supervisor for the metropolis.

“The metropolis has acquired firm knowledge for undertakeion that replaces our flood zones, so there are a handful of panels in our flood zone Which have seen modifications,” Lowrey informed council members. “We started the replace of this knowledge A pair of yrs again; (FEMA) handles All of the information gathering, They typically use A lot Of numerous strategies.

“That is An factor of a statewide course of as properly; they Sort of unfold it all by way of the state in updating their knowledge. So There are A lot of, many municipalities That are going by way of this.”

Residents can view an interactive map of the zones by visiting and clicking on the “Flood Info” hyperlink. The legend for the map is damaged down into The subsequent packages: properties newly affected; properties Not Inside the 100-yr flood zone; unmodified 100-flood-yr space; spaces Not Inside the 100-yr flood zone; and newly-added spaces Inside the 100-yr flood zone.

Twenty-seven buildings are newly added to the flood zone, collectively with some in Ward 2 and Ward 5. As properly as, 119 parcels are newly added to the flood zone.

However, 279 parcels are Not Inside the outlined flood zone.

All modifications are dictated by the aforementioned FEMA research.

“They consider knowledge that has to do with the elevation of the land itself, waterstrategies (and completely diffelease factors),” Lowrey said. “They labored with an engineering firm To Search out out the place the flood zones have modified.

“Flood zones continuously change, as a Outcome of we continuously develop and evolve our communities. We now have factors like stormwater upkeep and strategies To reinformationrce our streams, however we additionally add factors like parking tons and buildings, so typically, flood zones solely increase. It’s not Pretty typically that they’re lowered. I don’t know general, Inside the state, what completely diffelease communities are experiencing for lowered flood zones, however I might say This is not primarily widespread to lose flood zones.”

As properly as, the metropolis additionally incorporates flood zones That are labeled as Zone A, which imply There’s not A informationrmation informationrming residents of how extreme They’re required To assemble buildings. Per the new requirements, 181 of these properties – Lots of which are in Ward 5 – At the second are categorized as A-E.

“So these properties now have that knowledge, and we don’t have To lease an unbiased engineer To Search out out how extreme They’ve To assemble,” Lowrey said. “We currently had a church that Desired to rebuild (after a twister), They typically Wanted To lease an engineer To Search out out that flood zone.

“Pretty Than merely have an engineer inform them how extreme It is, they Desired to do A fairly in-depth research to discover that out. So as that was one factor that’s truly improved in A method.”

Based mostly on the metropolis’s internet website, roughly 25 % of the Hub City’s property is located in a Particular Flood Hazard Area. The Overwhelming majority of homes and companies within Which space are older, low-mendacity, and assembleed Earlier to FEMA’s flood designations.

However, Lots of these properties have been elevated Because of reassembleion that acquired here after twisteres in 2013 and 2016.