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Doctors’ story of Light and Life: The Covid-19 Darkness Overcome: Part IV –

Introduction by Justus R. Hope, MD, cont.Dr. Brian Tyson, All Valley Pressing Care Doctor in El Cent…….

Introduction by Justus R. Hope, MD, cont.

Dr. Brian Tyson, All Valley Pressing Care Doctor in El Centro, California

Dr. Brian Tyson is a good friend and colleague of Dr. Fareed. Dr. Tyson owns and operates All Valley Pressing Care in El Centro, California. El Centro is a border metropolis located about 20 miles south of Brawley. Dr. Brian Tyson has already saved hundreds of lives. He took out a $250,000 private mortgage to order Personal Defending Models and COVID-19 testing gear when he Might not buy these from the Well being Division or CDC. 

Dr. Tyson is a no-nonsense physician who practices Inside the trenches of COVID-19. He deal withs migrant farmworkers and meat-packing house staff who Do not have The posh of social distancing. Dr. Tyson is a warrior.

He has now deal withed over 6000 affected individuals with COVID-19 and saved Each Definitely one of them. Not a single demise with early remedy. Solely 4 hospitalizations and sadly misplaced 3 who launched to his clinic too late Inside the illness to deal with as an outaffected person. 

Did he make medical historic previous or win a Nobel Prize? Or did he acquire the Presidential Medal of Freedom Award?  No.

He was educated that his license Might be in jeopardy if he have been to deal with extra affected individuals with HCQ. This drug has buyd A nasty identify by way of fraudulent and retracted research, a drug that has been safely used For many years. This drug has only recently been demonized by political opponents of the President.

Watch Dr. Tyson’s Interview the place he explains all of this. And skim the e-book, Surviving Most cancers, COVID-19 and Disease: The Repurposed Drug Revolution. In case You are apprehensive about COVID-19, flip off The tv, flip off CNN, save the Ny Occasions for wrapping fish, and get The fact from Dr. Tyson.

Who says They do not censor in America?

Docs not often use phrases like miracle. It is thought-about unscientific by some. I suppose completely different physicians Might be apprehensive about criticism. However, Through the COVID-19 Pandemic when the FDA and CDC Inform you That there is not a efficient prevention or remedy for COVID-19 and a physician paperwork virtually 2,000 circumstances in a row of remedy, the phrase “miracle” Includes thoughts. Dr. Tyson’s story is the stuff of legends. 

It is tantamount to a miracle when the U.S. and world economies have been Delivered to their knees from the Pandemic. When the so-referred to as prime specialists in America have reported that The one hope in sight is a vaccine that Want to be rushed. 

Right now, in 2020, the American public is requested To imagine about that cowering at house in fear behind masks is the “new regular” and that to do Something is each unscientific and unpatriotic. I am going to have considerd this too, had it not been for the fortuitous prevalence of mind cancer in Definitely one of my colleagues: a health care expert I had acknowledged for 30 years.

I Desired to do every thing potential To assist him, collectively with questioning The established order and regular remedy of chemo/radiation/surgical procedure. I researched world medical literature. And that i found that repurposed drug cocktails could supply greater survival possibilities. This was in accord with acknowledged research and accepted science. However, it was not supported by the “previous guard”, these teams affiliated with Huge Pharma And big Tech. 

The previous boys membership wanted affected individuals to Undergo The regular remedy that typically value $100,000 and resulted in demise. I grew indignant. I noticed that I had by no means been taught Regarding The advantages of repurposed drug cocktails. I tprevious my good friend and his househprevious. He has acquired them – A pair of Of these medicine as quickly as extrast The suggestion of his oncologist. However, his tumor is shrinking. He is defying The possibilities, and ten months into this, he is enhancing. 

This led to repurposed medicine for COVID-19. Now Dr. Tyson has deal withed over 6000 affected individuals with COVID-19 with The identical repurposed triple-drug cocktail to which my readings additionally pointed. And every affected person was remedyd. Guess what? This cocktail is prohibited in virtually 40 states by the “previous guard.” The time has come for repurposed drug cocktails To be used To save tons of lives, Whether or not or not they’re politically right or not. 

All People are assured The biggest to “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” Regardless of the revenue motive of corrupt governmental businesses. That is the rationale I wrote and revealed the e-book Surviving Most cancers COVID-19 and Disease: The Repurposed Drug Revolution. On this e-book, You will Have The power to Research these drug mixtures Which will save your life from every thing from AIDS to Terminal Most cancers to COVID-19. 

And also you’d possibly Look at the story that motivated cancer professional Dr. George Fareed to Deal with Dr. Anthony Fauci and launch a Congressional Inquiry. Study about In all probability the most distinctive scandal and coverup in historic previous since Watergate. Study about the health care fraud that has triggered the pointless demises of over 200,000 People. 

Study the story of “The Miracle of the Imperial Valley.” You Will not ever Take A look at health care as quickly as extra The identical. 

July 2021                  

Justus R. Hope, MD

Bodily Drugs & Rehabilitation Redding, California