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Etna Volcano Volcanic Ash Advisory: ERUPTION AT 20210808/2230Z ERUPTION HAS CEASED OBS VA DTG: 09/0645Z to 15000 ft (4600 m) – VolcanoDiscovery


Ship Volcano Report

Etna volcano

Complicated stratovolcano Presently about 3329 m (altering As a Outcome of of eruptive exercise and collapse of its crater rims)
Sizilien (Italien), 37.75°N / 14.99°E
Current standing: erupting (4 out of 5)

Etna volcano eruptions:
Shut to continuously lively; some primary historic eruptions embrace 122 BC (huge Plinian outbursts that created the small caldera of the “Cratere del Piano”), 1669 Advert (devastating flank eruption that destroyed 15 villages and An factor of Catania), 1787 (Subplinian eruption And A pair of of the spectacular summit eruptions on doc – lava fountains reportedly As a lot as 3000 m extreme).
Eruptions since 1950 (f: flank / s: summit exercise): 1950 (s), 1950-51(f), 1955 (s), 1956 (s), 1956 (f), 1957 (s),1960 (s), 1961 (s), 1964 (f), 1964 (s), 1966 (s), 1966-1971(s), 1968 (f), 1971(f), 1972-1973 (s), 1974 (f), 1974-1975 (s), 1975-1977 (f), 1977-1978 (s), 1978 (f), 1979(s), 1979 (f), 1980 (s), 1981 (s), 1981 (f),1982-1983 (s), 1983(f), 1984(s), 1985(s), 1985(f), 1986(s), 1986-1987 (f), 1987(s), 1988(s), 1989(s), 1989(f), 1990 (s), 1991-93(f), 1995(s), 1996(s), 1997 (s), 1998 (s), 1999 (s), 2000 (s), 2001(s), 2001 (f), 2002(s), 2002-03(f), 2004-2005 (f), 2006 (s), 2007 (s), 2008-2009 (f), 2010(s), 2011-2013(s), 2014-18, 2018(f), 2019-ongoing (s)
Typical eruption type:
Effusive (lava flows) and mildly explosive (strombolian) eruptions. Each summit and frequent flank eruptions, the latter Appear to be occurring in clusters lasting few To some tens of years.

Etna volcano excursions:

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