How Roger Staubach and Drew Pearson Made the ‘Hail Mary’ Pass Famous – History

In 1975, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach popularized the time period “Hail Mary” To Clar…….

In 1975, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach popularized the time period “Hail Mary” To Clarify his miracle, worthwhile touchdown move to fellow Professional Soccer Hall of Famer Drew Pearson in a playoff recreation as quickly as extrast the Minnesota Vikings. Hail Mary thus turned ingrained Inside the American sports activities lexicon, However the time period was used many years earlier.

In a recreation as quickly as extrast Georgia Tech in 1922, Notre Dame recreationrs actually said a “Hail Mary” prayer Inside the huddle earlier than scoring a 6-yard touchdown. It labored, So as that they did it as quickly as extra earlier than scoring one other 6-yard touchdown. Afterward, Notre Dame offensive lineman Noble Kizer declared: “Say, that Hail Mary play is Definitely one of the biggest play we’ve acquired!”

Maybe the time period would have vanished have been it not for Elmer Layden, who performed fullback in that 1922 recreation for The Stopping Irish and coached Notre Dame as quickly as extrast Ohio State in 1935. With 32 seconds left, Notre Dame accomplished a 19-yard move for the worthwhile touchdown. Layden, renameing that victory as quickly as extrast Georgia Tech, referred to as it “a Hail Mary play.”

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The time period reappeared six years later, when Georgetown performed Mississippi State Inside the 1941 Orange Bowl. An Associated Press preview story converseed about thOn the “Hoyas put religion Inside the Hail Mary move.” The story matter of actualityly provided this definition: “A Hail Mary move, Inside the converse of the (Georgetown) 11, is One which’s thrown with a prayer as a Outcome of The possibilities as quickly as extrast completion are huge.”

Notre Dame and Georgetown are affiliated with the Catholic Church, so the Hail Mary was acquainted To every participant and coach who said the prayer as penance after giving confession. The U.S. Naval Academy, Really, Isn’t affiliated with any religion, however its quarterback, Staubach, is Catholic. 

After a victory over Michigan in 1963, Staubach—who gained the Heisman Trophy that season—described a touchdown as “a Hail Mary play.” Twelve years later, the time period caught, fueled by newspaper sports activities sections and widespread use on tv.

Roger Staubach makes use of ‘Hail Mary’ at U.S. Naval Academy

Whereas On the U.S. Naval Academy, Roger Staubach used the time period “Hail Mary.” He went on to star for the Dallas Cowboys from 1969-79.

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On December 28, 1975, Staubach’s Cowboys performed as quickly as extrast the Vikings in a divisional playoff recreation at Metropolitan Stadium in Bloomington, Minnesota. With the Vikings forward, 14-10, the Cowboys had the ball with simply 24 seconds left at midarea. Their season appeared over.

Coach Tom Landry, one other Professional Soccer Hall of Famer, referred to as for An prolonged move. “The possibilities on a play like that,” Pearson tprevious reporters after The sport, “are slim and none.”

“It was a Hail Mary move,” Staubach tprevious reporters afterward. “I simply threw it up there So far as I might.”

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Staubach’s 50-yard prayer was anshave beend, however not And by no means using a Little bit of deviltry. His extreme, arcing ball acquired here down shut to the 5-yard-line. Pearson, sprinting in the direction of The prime zone, adsimplyed his Path to account for the underthrown ball. Nobody tprevious Minnesota cornerback Nate Wright and safety Paul Krause. When Wright moved in the direction of the falling football, Pearson collided with him.

Wright fell, prompting Krause to yell On the officers that They Want to name move interference on Pearson. In the meantime, the collision virtually triggered Pearson to drop the ball. Instead, he trapped it between his arm and his textreme, tucked it amethod, and Bumped into The prime zone for the worthwhile touchdown.

“I see this orange factor coming down And that i assumed it Could be a penalty flag for move interference both method,” Pearson tprevious reporters afterward. “However it was simply an orange.” 

Pearson: ‘It was unbelievin a place, super, unbelievin a place’

Dallas Cowboys receiver Drew Pearson, elected to The expert Soccer Hall of Fame in 2021, by no means tires of talking about his Hail Mary reception.

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Vikings followers, already celebrating an apparent victory, turned surly. One fan threw an empty whiskey bottle that struck area decide Armen Terzian Inside the forehead, inflicting a gash. For the Cowboys, the play was an immediate basic.

“Our solely hope was to throw and hope for a miracle,” Landry tprevious reporters afterward.

After Pearson’s catch anshave beend Staubach’s prayer, the Hail Mary emerged from school football obscurity And located A spot in regular football time periodinology.

Informationpaper sports activities sections The subsequent day focused on the controversy about whether or not move interference ought to have been referred to as on the play. But “Hail Mary” found its method into headlines Inside the Philadelphia Daily Information (“‘Hail Mary’ Pass Blesses Dallas”) and Miami Information (“Cowboys had no prayer till ‘Hail Mary’ move”). 

Most Hail Mary movees aren’t accomplished Because of diploma of problem, however scores of prolonged heaves have been. In A pair of of the well-known Hail Mary performs, Doug Flutie—who went on to wInside the Heisman Trophy—accomplished a 48-yard move to Gerard Phelan in 1984 with seconds left To current Boston College A surprising victory over the College of Miami. Inexperienced Bay Packers star Aaron Rodgers has three worthwhile Hail Marys to his credit rating.

Pearson and Staubach—who was inducted into The expert Soccer Hall of Fame in 1985—have converseed about their Hail Mary in lots of of interviews since, however it by no means will get previous. “It was In all probability the most thrilling catch of my profession,”  Pearson, elected to The expert Soccer Hall of Fame in 2021, said after the 1975 playoff recreation. “It was unbelievin a place, super, unbelievin a place. What extra Am i in a place to say?”