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Meteorologist Diane Kacmarik visits erupting Iceland volcano – Bay News 9

I needed one factor thrilling to get me out of the funk of final yr so, how about seeing a volcano u…….

I needed one factor thrilling to get me out of the funk of final yr so, how about seeing a volcano up shut?

That’s bucket-itemizing stuff!

What You should Know

  • Fagradalsfjall volcano is in Iceland, shut to the capital of Reykjavik
  • It started to erupt in March of this yr
  • It has been Greater than 700 yrs since this area final seen an eruption
  • Nobody is Aware of how prolonged It is going to erupt for

Right here is the science and againground An factor of it first, So that you will Have The power To know my nerdy view. In March of this yr, A mannequin new volcano broke open in Iceland, in an space that has not seen an eruption for over 700 yrs.

The world shut to the capital of Reykjavik is an lively volcanic space. It lies on prime of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. That is the dividing line between the North American tectonic plate and the Eurasian plate. 

These two plates transfer away from Every completely different over time, progressively widening the Atlantic Ocean. A lot of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge is underwater, However the island of Iceland is the place this ridge is above the water.

The Mid-Atlantic Ridge. (USGS)

I had been following this volcano story Because it started.

Initially of 2020, earthquakes started ramping up throughout the Reykjanes volcanic system. Magma was shifting beneath. The magma broke by way of in March of 2021, in a valley about six miles from Grindavik, The shutst metropolis. 

A quantity of fissures opened up, permitting lava to ooze out into the valley. Locals have been mountaineering out to see this “baby” volcano and posting lovely footage on-line.

A pair of of the fissures sprimeped flowing in April. By Might, the lava acquired here from Simply one fissure.

This Sort of eruption Acknowledged as an effusive eruption, the place lava flows out pretty steadily, finally forming a defend volcano. These Type of volcanoes are like These Current in Hawaii. Nobody is Aware of how prolonged this particular eruption might final.

After following the story for pretty A the placeas, I needed to see it in particular person. I assumed to myself, “This is a volcano That may not erupting explosively. It is not too prolonged of a flight, it’s hikeable, and it’s Near A world airport. I can Do this!” So, I did, and it was A go to I can not quickly overlook!

Look at again here subsequent week, And that I am going to Inform you about my journey witnessing the earth altering in entrance of my eyes.